Schools, universities and colleges around the world recognise the critical role that English plays in our global society. But delivering this substantial skill to students presents the same challenges for all.

This is where Fusion Pro comes in.

Powerful, flexible and efficient, Fusion Pro delivers English proficiency directly to your students or high-quality teacher training to your existing English teachers.

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21st Century students expect to learn English from native speakers, but for education institutions, recruiting and training these teachers can be a difficult, time-consuming and costly business.

With Fusion Pro, this problem is solved. Students receive live private and group tutoring directly from qualified, experienced native English teachers through our state-of-the-art online platform.




Throw away your outdated text books! With continually-updated learning content across a wide variety of academic disciplines, Fusion Pro is an up-to-the-minute programme matched exactly to your individual student’s needs.

The Fusion Pro curriculum is powered by EC, specialists in English language teaching for over 25 years, who currently hold the top award for excellence in their industry, the ST Star Chain School award.


For education institutions, juggling classroom timetables is a constant struggle for efficiency. And maintaining physical resources is a major drain on budgets – more so than in other industries.

As a programme for the digital age, Fusion Pro effortlessly relieves these pressures. Regardless of student numbers, the majority of learning takes place online, freeing up your classrooms, your budget and your time.

And no more manual records. Live progress tracking, attendance, test results and feedback are easily accessed by your staff at any point.


Equip your teachers with skills they need to deliver high quality English language training, while boosting their own English skills.

We will design a Fusion Pro programme tightly tailored to your teachers’ needs. Instruction is delivered through specialised online study, group sessions and face-to-face workshops. Units include:

  • Introduction to second language acquisition
  • Introduction to task based language teaching
  • How to use authentic materials in the classroom
  • Lesson structures and lesson planning
  • Language Learning variables and learning styles
  • Classroom management and teaching with limited resources